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Revival Targa 2023

Rally Revival Motor Club would like to welcome you to Rali Revival Targa 2023. The team have been busy organising a route which will prove a challenging test for any competitor.

A joint Clubman Historic and Targa permit we’ll be offering competitive rallying over the day in a route of 110 miles with over 20 miles of tests. Route information by printed maps.
Centred around the market town of Mold.

Entry includes professionally produced map books and test diagrams, lunch for both crew members, a digital pack of pictures of you competing post event plus the finish under the arch on mold high street and interviews by Howard Davies.

Entries open 30th June at 20.00 hrs via

Scrutineering, Start, Trailer Park are all in the town with the start at the Beaufort Park Hotel and the finish under the arch on Mold High Street which we’ve closed off for the evening, we are committed to making the event as user friendly as possible.

As with all events we require many marshals to ensure its smooth running, so a requirement of entry is that you supply a marshal.
We look forward to seeing you all on the event!

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